Tai Chi Classes

Flowering Lotus Tai Chi Classes in Glasgow, Scotland are suitable for complete beginners and all levels of ability. Tai Chi Chuan is normally taught as a sequence of movements called a Form. The Form is usually done slowly and with minimum use of physical strength. New students at Tai Chi Glasgow South start by learning the Form.  You can join a class at any time although most people prefer to join within the first couple of weeks of teaching. It is possible to start later in the form as there is always plenty of revision to allow you to catch up.

Flowering Lotus Tai Chi

Tai Chi Glasgow South

Instructor: Jamie Simpson

Delighted to announce our return to ‘Real Life’ classes at The Gateway operating face to face weekly

New Beginners Classes 2024

Our New session of Tai Chi Beginners Classes starts on Wednesday 28th January 2024 and will run weekly from 6pm-7pm at

The Gateway
100 Merrylee Road
G43 2RA

To enquire about booking your place please contact Jamie by email: jamie@taichiglasgowsouth.co.uk
Tel:  07712523876

Class Costs £37 per calendar month, your first class is free.

Class Timetable 2024

Beginners Tai Chi Form (started 8th January 2024) 7pm-8pm (Intermediate class from 2nd September)
Sword & Fencing 8pm-9pm

Tai Chi Revision/ Advanced Form class 6pm-7pm (New Beginners class from 28th August)
Intermediate Tai Chi Form 7pm-8pm (Revision/ advanced class from 28th August)
Push Hands & Fencing 8pm-9pm

Online Beginners Course

If you can’t join a face to face class at this time you can still study remotely using our online course. For free a taster have a look at the free introductory class by registering here.