Tai Chi Teachers

Jamie Simpson

Autumn River Tai Chi- Glasgow South

Jamie has been practising Tai Chi since 1999 and is the Tai Chi teacher for Autumn River Tai Chi Classes on the Southside of Glasgow. He first encountered Tai Chi with the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order in Glasgow, where he had been practising yoga and meditation for a number of years while attending Glasgow School of Art. After graduation Jamie moved to the West End where he was fortunate enough to begin studying seriously with his current tai chi teacher Jan Kauskas in 2001. Jamie is one of Jan’s senior students and has been a Teaching assistant with Autumn River Tai Chi for the last few years. In addition to teaching Tai Chi Jamie is also a fairly well known Scottish Artist, his Scottish Landscape Paintings and prints of Scotland can be viewed at his website Simpson Fine Art.

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 Jan Kauskas

Autumn River Tai Chi- Glasgow West End

Jan has been studying Tai Chi since 1987 having been attracted to Tai Chi through an interest in Taoist philosophy and a background in other martial arts: Aikido, Shotokan Karate and Iaido.
Jan has been a tai chi teacher since 1992. He has studied with a variety of teachers and schools since he left The Rising Dragon Tai Chi School in 1995 in order to further his study. First becoming a student of Wolfe Lowenthal, who is a direct student of the late Professor Cheng Man-ching and in 2002, travelling to Taiwan to visit Mr Liu Xiheng (one of Cheng Man-Ching’s most senior students) in Taipei. Jan also briefly studied Sword Form and Fencing with Ken Van Sickle (also a student of Cheng Man-ching) in New York City.

In 2006 Jan founded Autumn River Tai Chi and continues to consolidate his studies teaching evening classes in Glasgow as well as weekend workshops both at home and abroad. Jan is also a well respected author and his book Laoshi, Tai Chi, Teachers, and pursuit of Principle has been very well received.

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Euan Stewart

Autumn River Tai Chi- Stirling

Euan has been teaching tai chi since Autumn River Tai Chi was founded in 2006 and became the principle tai Chi teacher for Autumn River in Stirling in 2008. Having studied Fudozen Shorinji Kempo from an early age, Euan also came to tai chi from a martial arts background and finds Jan’s approach to the study of tai chi a continuing source of inspiration.

Euan also began making wooden swords in 2004 unsatisfied with the options available at the time for someone looking for a quality sword with which to practice fencing. Basing the design on the swords used by Cheng Man-ch’ing and using his hands on experience to inform his extensive research he provides the school with a source of top quality practise weapons.

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