Jamie Simpson

Tai Chi Glasgow South

Jamie has been practising Tai Chi since 1999 and is the Tai Chi teacher at Tai Chi Glasgow South, home of Flowering Lotus Tai Chi School based in Glasgow, Scotland. He first encountered Tai Chi with the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order in Glasgow, where he had been practising yoga and meditation for a number of years while attending Glasgow School of Art.

After graduation Jamie moved to the West End where he was fortunate enough to begin studying seriously with his teacher Jan Kauskas in 2001. Jamie was one of Jan’s senior students and was a teaching assistant within Jan’s School, Autumn River Tai Chi for many years until he opened his own classes on Glasgow’s South Side in 2015.

Home of Flowering Lotus Tai Chi

In 2021 Jamie’s classes became a fully independent T’ai Chi School and therefore adopted a more traditional school name: “Flowering Lotus T’ai Chi” although local classes are still listed under the catchy (and fully seo friendly!) “Tai Chi Glasow South”.

In addition to teaching Tai Chi Jamie is also a fairly well known Scottish Artist, his Scottish Landscape Paintings and prints of Scotland can be viewed at his website Simpson Fine Art.

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